Aisling on RTE's 'Daily' Show

Aisling worker Alex McDonnell was recently featured on RTE's (Ireland's National Broadcaster) popular current affairs program, the 'Daily Show'.
Alex chatted briefly about the work the Aisling Project does with the disadvantaged and homeless.  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Aisling!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Aisling!

Top of the morning to ya... and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
- from everyone at the Aisling Project

Irish Times Covers the Aisling Return To Ireland Project

Screenshot-A rare look at London's luckless Irish - The Irish Times - Mon, Oct 24, 2011 - Chromium.png

The Irish Times covers the recent documentary on Arlington House - and also mentions the work of the Aisling Project and the efforts of Ardal O'Hanlon to try and secure funding...

Mark Cunningham's Song about the Forgotten Irish

Hi There,
I am an Irish songwriter and I have written a song about the guys who left in the middle of the last century, who have been forgotten by society both at home in Ireland and in the UK and America.  It always goes down well when I sing it, both at home or on my recent US tour.  

Open letter to the Irish Government

On Monday 24th Oct at 22:35 BBC 1 Northern Ireland will broadcast the award winning documentary "Men Of Arlington". It tells the story of Irishmen who came to Britain to seek a better life but lost themselves along the way and represents an often forgotten chapter in the history of Britain and Ireland.

Here to Clare - Homecomings happy and sad on Ireland’s rockiest shore

clare 11 133.jpg

We are trying out
a new format these days organising more sharply focussed trips which
can deliver high impact solutions for our clients in smaller more
cohesive groups (as it says here in the new Aisling business plan –
‘Working Together for On-going Solutions in the Next Irish

Men of Arlington Film on BBC NI on Oct 24th

The long awaited broadcast of Men of Arlington is set for Monday 24th October at 10.35pm on BBC Northern Ireland.

The Last Post

Sadly the Irish Post has closed... There will not even be a valedictory issue for us to say our farewells, as the issue three weeks ago was the very Last Post, a sad note for all Irish people in in Britain, I think. 

Tricycle Theatre Presents The Absence of Women 13 Sept - 8 Oct


The Absence of Women is a funny and poignant play about the journey of two ordinary and lonely Belfast men. It’s a tale of life and its endless possibilities, missed opportunities and how one man’s choice, in one instant, can alter the path of his life forever.

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