Aisling Video Huge Success on

Thanks to the very wonderful Wylie O'Hagan art collective [ ], the Aisling project has received HUGE exposure [and much positive feedback] on

More than 39,000 views!

No Laughs For Aisling This Spring

We know lots of our supporters were expecting a comedy show this Spring [2008], in support of Aisling. Unfortunately we have not been able to organise one as yet... but Aisling hopes to be putting on a major benefit later in the year.

SafeStart Video

This SafeStart video covers many of the issues the Aisling Return to Ireland Project also has to contend with - the severe disadvantage of many elderly Irish migrants in Britain.

Updated News System - With Syndicated Newsfeed

From today, we'll be using a new Content Management System to publish regularly updated news content to

If you link to - our RSS feed, you can publish automatically updated Aisling News Stories on your own site.

Older News Articles...

Older news articles can still be found on this site at

All articles from the inception of this site, and also of the organization which helped to spawn Aisling - the Arlington House Irish Tenants Association - are still available here.

The entire archive [and the whole site] is searchable using our custom-Google search box.


The film kings had it's British premier at the Tricycle cinema appropriately situated on Kilburn High Rd on the 14th March the Friday before (also appropriately) Paddy's Day..

New Content Management System

This is a test post for our new content management system - which will hopefully enable Aisling to keep the site up to date more easily.... It's really just as simple as typing in what you want to say - OR - cutting'n'pastin' from another document.

It should be easy-peasey. Allegedly... See

- Jim

testing out the new site and what's more

Drupal 6.1 installed relatively seamlessly.

Manual install - with default modules.

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