Personal Accounts of Aisling Trips

Donegal Our Homes in Donegal
Alex McDonnell reports as he and John Glynn once more bring a group of returning men from the northern counties face to face with their past.
Dublin The Wind at our Backs
"We were in a bit of a pickle. John had come down with a strange and painful virus which had turned him into a human radiator"...
Aisling group The Wild, Wild West
We were in Mulranny again for our pre-Christmas trip and it was great to be back, but we were lucky to make it at all...
not all gloom on Aisling trip, 2007

Dry in the Sun
Alex McDonnell and John Glynn fulfilled an ambition of Aisling this year and took a group of long-time drinkers recovering from years of alcohol use back to Wexford for a week-long, totally alcohol-free, holiday.

trip 2007 Tipperary far Away
Aisling began with a conversation between friends working with long-term Irish emigrants...
Aughrim - image from Wikipedia Rising in the East
Alex McDonnell reports on the March 2007 Aisling trip to Aughrim in Co. Wicklow.
trip 4 2006 Heading Back to the Shore
Once more Aisling returns to the shores of Clew Bay to visit old friends in Mulranny.
Doolin, County Clare Doolin Days

A recent Aisling trip to Ireland visited that hotspot for traditional
Irish music, Doolin, in County Clare. Alex McDonnell gives the run-down
on the trials, tribulations, and sucesses of the trip.
Aisling in Donegal 2006 Contacting the Living

More family reunions, more tears split, and hearts warmed, as Alex
McDonnell relates the tale of the latest Aisling trip to Donegal.
Wicklow Whiskey, You're the Devil. Wicklow,

Trouble with whiskey while travelling, but the delights of re-uniting
family members, and helping the disadvantaged rebuild their lives,
makes up for it...
Aisling trip to Mayo, 2005 December 2005: Achill Sound,

Love's labours lost, when West meets East, in tales of passion, estrangement,
and painful retribution...
September 2005: Sligo Champions

The home-comings are not always easy, neither for returnees or estranged
family members...

Donegal town May 2005 : Redemption in

More stories of family reunions and changed behaviours, inspired by
rest and recreation in Ireland...
Peter - Aisling regular Spring 2005: Family Value

Alex McDonnell writes about Aisling's trip to Co. Wicklow with a moving
account of family reunions...
Dec 2004: Close Encounters

The Aisling returnees experience a warm welcome and strange goings-on,
during their return to Mulranny, Co. Mayo...
An Aisling sunset, in Ireland. Summer 2004: Knots and Loose
Ends in Waterford

Family sagas continued and maybe resolved; rest and resuscitation
for a mixed group of migrants on the summer Aisling trip...
Aisling in Donegal, 2004 May 2004: Aisling In Donegal

For the last two years Aisling has been staying for a free week every
May in two holiday cottages in Donegal donated by supporters...

March 2004: St Patrick's
Day In Ireland

The Aisling Project return to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day, and attempt
to repair long lost family connections...
Aisling trip Sept 2003 2003: West Cork

Adventures in West Cork and Killarney with the Aisling Project in
September 2003 ...
trip 2003 2003: Return To Clew Bay

The Aisling party renew old acquaintance in Co. Mayo, discuss plans
with Jerry Cowley of the Safe Home Project...
trip 2002 2002: Traveling the Wicklow

Relaxation, recovery and rehabilitation in Co. Wicklow.
trip 2002 - from camden Town to Kerry 2002: Broken Hearts
and Broken Bones

The "toughest family on earth" reunited during summertime
in Co. Kerry.

2001 trip

2001: A Wexford Epiphany

Brothers, sisters, reunited, wounds healed, as long term migrants
return to Co. Wexford and environs.

trip 1999 - Clew Bay 1999: Swimming With Dolphins

A moving account of the Aisling trip to Louisburg, Co. Mayo, and the
regenerative effect of Clew Bay and its wildlife.