Free Office Furniture

Long  time supporters of Aisling, KTP Printers, are moving on to greater things and have office furniture they would like to see go to a charity or worthy cause... Kevin Raymond writes:  

Here’s a list of the office furniture that we would like to go to a good home. If you could forward said on to anyone you think might be interested in it I’d be very grateful. We’d prefer that a charity or some small cash strapped organisation (like ourselves!) had it, but hey we cant be too choosy, as we’re packing up on the close of business next 

24 of August

, which is when the bit’s and pieces need to be out of here by. Unfortunately as we don’t possess a set of wheels any interested party needs to collect the goods themselves from us.
While I’m at it, have you any contact details for a non-profit printing community project we could donate some equipment too, seeing as the vultures are hovering at the moment, I’d much rather take a hit on the money and give it away to a worthy cause who will get some benefit from it, than be stood standing here haggling with some dodgy equipment dealer who’ll make a fortune on the re-sale of it.
Here goes:

4 x 2 drawer (Viking) metal filing cabinets. 410 mm wide, 680 mm high, 400 mm deep.


2 x 3 draw wooden filing cabinets.


3 x old low style wooden filing cabinets.


4 x assorted desks, (which need assembling and come with fittings)


4 x Viking office swivel office chairs.


Shelving and fittings (some need to be taken down from the walls here)


Assorted heaters, fans, a fridge, arch files, microwave, etc, etc.

Kindest regards to all the crew at the office.
Go well, be lucky and keep smiling.
Kevin Raymond.
KTP Printers
Unit G, 37 Princelet Street
London E1 5LP

T: 020 7247 0786

Kevin - Many, many thanks for the outstanding contribution you have given to the Aisling Project over many years. Your help has made a huge difference to many needy people.

Best of luck in all your future endeavours.

- Aisling Project