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Aisling is grateful for the support it receives from the Irish Government's Emigrant Support programme. 
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20th Anniversary Aisling Comedy Gig at the Union Chapel , Islington, Sunday May 25th

HOORAY! Aisling is proud to present its TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY comedy spectacular on Sunday May 25th.
Featuring a truly startling line-up of comic talent, including Aisling patron Ardal O'Hanlon, Dara O'Briain, Ed Bryne and many, many more, the night is sure to be an absolute blast.  
Full details, including the killer line up, can be found on the Union Chapel site:   

Faithful Departed - Aisling in Co Dublin trying to contact the living….and the dead, by Alex McDonnell

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When Tom left Dublin 25 years ago he came straight to London and went straight on the drink and straight onto the streets. Since then Aisling has seen Tom in various hostels throughout London and he is now in a small, supported shared house in Ealing where his drinking is limited to three cans of beer each Sunday. This has had a dramatically positive effect on his health and Tom was now ready and willing to come to Dublin with us last December.

Season's Greetings from Aisling

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Wishing all friends of Aisling a very happy Christmas and New Year.

New book project from Deirde O'Callaghan

Long time supporter of Aisling, Deirde O'Callaghan, who supplied many of the photographs on this website, has a new project - THE DRUM THING - which is a fascinating look at the world of some of world's greatest drummers - great candid photographs as well as insightful interviews.
More info on Kickstarter:

Friendship and Family Not Fracking

Some emotional homecomings on Aisling’s first visit to Leitrim, but for how long will its wild beauty remain unspoiled? By Alex McDonnell.Aisling will be 20 next March (2014) and for most of the last two decades we have known Frank well, first when he lived in Arlington House where he spent a lot of his time drinking and hiding away and later when he managed to get through a detox and rehab programme and he was one of the first residents of Stockdale House, the ‘dry’ house near Mornington Crescent between Camden and Euston.


Follow the Aisling Project on Twitter

Follow the Aisling Project on Twitter

You can now follow the Aisling Project on Twitter: @Aisling_Project
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The forgotten Irish by Dervilla Keegan

It must have felt a far cry from Camden Town and the cottage ahead chimney puffing smoke from it, a world away from Arlington House. But they came slowly up the path, some on crutches, some halting, to drink in the view and others chatting to new acquaintances. 

john glynn and JimDillon @ S Mac D house.jpg

Free Office Furniture

Long  time supporters of Aisling, KTP Printers, are moving on to greater things and have office furniture they would like to see go to a charity or worthy cause... Kevin Raymond writes:  

Kairos Community Trust reports on the work of the Aisling project

For one Kairos man, this was his first trip home in sobriety. “It was a momentous visit for him,” says John Glynn, the Aisling outreach worker who led the trip. “It had been many years since he had visited Ireland sober. We enabled him to travel by train to see his mum in the north-west and kept in touch daily.”

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